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Breve lista non esauriente degli oggetti di nostra proprietà in vendita. Contattateci per i prezzi. La pagina sarà aggiornata spesso, con altri oggetti e maggiori dettagli. PREZZI MOLTO CONVENIENTI.

Short list of our used equipments. Contact us for questions, details, prices. This page will be updated soon, with more items and more details. VERY GOOD PRICES.


NYAL Futterman OTL-3 very first version (1981) - ORIGINAL pair of the very first version of this very famous and rare OTL amp. It's dated 1981 and only a very few number of pairs like this have been produced. It is using the first chassis, diferent from the final one. Ex designer of NYAL confirmed that it's an original pair! Original tubes still in use in very good condition. More pictures avaiable on request. Please contact us if really interested only.

The pair of NYAL OTL-3


AudioTekne MC-6310 - This is NEAR MINT AudioTekne MC cartridge. Ex-demo, less than 100 hours. Perfect! Any test! Personally gave by Imai San of Audio Tekne. Euro 1650,00! Any test.

Audio Tekne MC-6310 in its original box


AudioNautes S-1 - This is a used pair of S-1 cabinets, very early pair: now this model is out of production. This pair is available complete with Veravox speakers or without it (boxes only). Painting is in near mint condition. Many pictures available with all details. Euro 480,00/pair without Veravox and Euro 750,00/pair with Veravox.

AudioNautes S-1 with Veravox speakers


Veravox - Pair of perfect mint Veravox speakers with original boxes. Many pictures available with all details. Euro 300,00/pair.


Tamura Transformers - NIB Tamura audio transformers and power transformers. Pair of TKS-50 + pair of PC-8002 (100V) + single PC-8001 (100V) + 230V/100V adaptor. Many pictures available with all details. Euro -,00 /ask. Can sell separately.


Lowter Fidelio - Mint pair of Lowter Fidelio by Ikarus Audio, with Lowter PM-2S 15ohms. Phase equalizer (wood) is free. Many pictures available with all details. Euro 2350,00 /pair.

Ikarus Audio Fidelio with Lowter PM-2S



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