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It's very important to underline that not all the items AudioNautes is offering are designed and developed by AudioNautes. There is an obvious reason: why to design and develop a product if someonelse is already offering the same product, exactly as we want and dream? Why to do a copy? This is why AudioNautes is dealer of a few selected products.

GOTO UNIT - AudioNautes offers the complete product line of GOTO UNIT.

IKEDA SOUND LABS - AudioNautes offers on demand the fantastic products made by Ikeda San, with his brand Ikeda Sound Labs.

Uesugi - AudioNautes offers the famous transformer Step-up Bros-5.

CEC CD Transport - AudioNautes offers the famous Belt Drive CD Transport CEC TL-51. And also TL-0X and TL-1N.

ASE Audiotuning - AudioNautes offers in Italy all products from the german ASE Audiotuning, specialized in clock and other digital upgrades.

Diatone - AudioNautes dedicates a few pages to the very famous (and becoming rare) full range loudspeaker Diatone P-610M, even if we can no longer offer it. For a limited quantity only, we offer S-1.1 LE speaker with this top quality 16cm. The Diatone P-610 is available only as used equipment and under request. The model S-1.1 (LE) is no longer manufactured.

L C Audio Technology - AudioNautes is exclusive dealer of L C Audio Technology products for Italy. Among them, there is the unic Master Clock generator LClock XO3 for CD e DVD players (1ppm!), the worlds first CD upgrade Master Clock to reach a jitter level below -120 dB (rms value). But there are also the analog output stage for CD players ZAPfilter2, the Modules AD8065, the new PWM amplifier modules ZAPpulse 2.2! From these modules was born the last amp from L C Audio, the Predator, slim 200+200W @ 8ohm.

Pioneer - AudioNautes offers, for the first time in Italy, another excellent single cone 16cm loudspeaker: the Pioneer PE-16M. Please evaluate the S-1 and the Flat Box KIT.

Tamura - AudioNautes uses Tamura transformers in its products. In 2002 Tamura increased the official price up to 166%. After a while, due to some requests from our customers, we decided to offer Tamura Transformers again, on demand only.

DISCS - AudioNautes is famous for the quality of the distribuited, co-produced and produced LPs & CDs. Please refer to the dedicated page.

ACCESSORIES - Please see the top quality accessories for your system.


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