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AudioNautes was born from the experience of Fabio Camorani, Electronic Engineer (he received the degree from the Bologna University), music and audio lover, member of AES (Audio Engineering Society).

After many years of search for the RIGHT SOUND, of concerts, of publications on several audio magazines (Costruire hi-fi, Fedeltà del Suono, Glass Audio, Sound Practices, Positive-Feedback), we decided to offer the results to all true music lovers. Why to confine everything to the walls of a few friends' rooms? And in 2000 AudioNautes was born.

AudioNautes' offer is articulated in different parts:

  • complete products, from turntable to speakers
  • accessories
  • up-grades
  • parts for DIYers
  • LPs and CDs

As you can see, AudioNautes offers a complete range of products, a complete system can be composed by AudioNautes products only, as suggested, to reach the right sound. This is because, as we said, when one has in his mind a goal, it's natural to develop every part of a system, every aspect of the reproduction of music.

It's very important to underline that not all the items AudioNautes is offering are designed and developed by AudioNautes itself. There is an obvious reason: why to design and develop a product if someonelse is already offering the same product, exactly as we want and dream? Why to do a copy? This is why AudioNautes is dealer of a few selected products.


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