High Grade Capacitors


AudioNautes, after offering top quality crossovers, decided to offer you also CUSTOM top quality parts, the parts we are using for our crossovers used in our complete systems with GOTO drivers! But also in all our top products and upgrades.

See also the custom Inductors page.

AudioNautes capacitors have:

  • 10um (630V) polypropilene film of highest quality
  • hand soldered copper terminals
  • special heat treatment cycle insulated copper for terminals
  • controlled winding tension for lowest resonances
  • low ESR and low self inductance
  • very high temperature and frequency stability


Technical details:

  • 3% tolerance
  • dissipation factor ≤0,001 @ 1kHz & 20°C ±3°C
  • insulation resistance ≥ 10Mohm @ V di specifica & 20°C ±3°C
  • dielectric absorption ≤0,1% @ 20°C ±3°C

Apart the very high quality of design and manufacturing, the most important aspect of these capacitors is the deep study to reduce self resonances. Through a close control of the manufacturing processes all resonances are reduced to an absolute minimum. This is a result of a 2 year research programme. And at a very good price, cheap if compared to famous capacitors with nothing special but the price. Our caps outperform them!




Value Voltage Size Price  
4,7uF 250V

25x25mm LxD


4,7uF 630V

46x35mm LxD


0,22uF÷50uF 250V


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0,22uF÷50uF 630V


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