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MAY 2009 - The LP Antonio Vivaldi - 4 Seasons - Carmignola e Sonatori de la Gioiosa Marca (CLP-7057) is almost out-of-stock, only a few pieces available. All have serial number <60. If you are looking for the best, don't loose the last chance, or cry forever!

Divox is one of the best label of chamber music in the world.

Founded in 1984, Divox AG/Ltd led off in 1990 with the vision to promote emerging  chamber music artists by releasing recordings and to contribute at the same time to the enlargement of chamber music repertory.
Today the company runs three main labels:

  • Divox Antiqua is dedicated to ancient music on period instruments
  • Divox Excellence presents chamber music from classic to contemporary
  • the Rainbow releases are including great repertory in elegant Digipacks, each with a particular Pantone color and short writings about artist or works
  • Adventure introduces spezial world music. Every new release is a «déclaration d’amour» to specific aspects of chamber music.

The State-of-the-Art recording technique underlines our commitment to the artists and their interpretations. With a release rhythm of 6—8 new recordings a year, every CD / SACD stands for mindfulness and exceptional qualities of the presented artist and the repertoire. Since a couple years Divox contributes strongly to develop the threedimensional Music reproduction System AUROPHONY.

Discover the passion of chamber music and take a share on it!
available: 100 titles

Please visit www.divox.com for the complete catalogue.

Also visit www.2plus2plus2.com for details about the 2+2+2 Aurophony.

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LP 180gr

Antonio Vivaldi - 4 Seasons - Carmignola e Sonatori de la Gioiosa Marca (CLP-7057) - Limited Edition - We have the lowest serial number in the world

1 LP 180gr - In testa a moltissime classifiche per qualità dell'interpretazione, è anche tecnicamente eccellente, in un raro connubio che un appassionato non può farsi scappare!

Diapason july-august 2007 - Read.

Le Figaro 2003 - Read.




some proposal

The Treya Quartet - Plays Gabriel Fauré - Divox CD 49802

1 CD


Serenissime Sonate | Music for strings in the republic of Venice 1630-1660 (CDX-70505)

1 CD

In July 1630 the plague had reached Venice from Mantua in the southwest. It claimed 700,000 victims in the entire Republic, and 46,500 alone in Venice, who died before the next summer. The plague also claimed the lives of outstanding musicians such as the violinist Giovanni Fontana of Brescia, "a virtuoso whom the voracious plague transported from the earth to the heavens," and the celebrated Alessandro Grandi, who at the chapel of San Marco was second only to Monteverdi. The city began to build its "vow" in order to banish this divine punishment. In November 1631, Monteverdi's music was played and all the surviving citizens gathered at St. Mark's Cathedral. "Zephir returns and with it, great times" is sung by the two tenors in Monteverdi's famous Ciaccona, which was printed in Venice in 1632. The musical renaissance of the city begins.The construction of public, commercial music theaters (the term "opera house" did not yet exist) turned out to be a winning idea that quickly made its way not only through the entire city, but also throughout Europe as a prime export of Venice. The Sonatori de la Gioiosa Marca present on this diligently recorded CD works composed in Venice during this extraordinary period.


Antonio Vivaldi - Sinfonie d'opera - Molardi e I Virtuosi delle Muse (CDX-70501-6)

1 SACD 2+2+2

The first DIVOX production with the "Virtuosi delle Muse" is devoted to Vivaldi's opera oeuvre. It presents Vivaldi's opera overtures not only in a form that incorporates the latest findings of Vivaldi research, but also in a new sound interpretation: thanks to a variety of tone colors, a wealth of orchestral articulations, and dynamics that are clear and rich in contrast, these overtures strikingly convey the action and atmosphere of the stage work they precede – whereby they date from a time when the "overture" did not yet exist as an acoustical preview of the operatic plot. The use of original instruments such as the viola d'amore, which was never again used in the context of Vivaldi's operas, is also an innovation in the present-day performance practice of Vivaldi's works.


Dolcissimo sospiro (CDX-70202)

1 SACD 2+2+2

Italian late Renaissance composer Giulio Caccini (1551-1618) was not only one of the most famous composers of his time but also an exceptionally gifted singer. However, as for the interpretation of his songs, he was at odds with his colleagues: During the Renaissance, there was a long tradition of allowing singers and instrumentalists to enrich every type of music with free inventions added at their pleasure. At the same time, such freedom of ornamentation was one of the main reasons for confusion and disagreements at musical performances. Caccini's strong disapproval of this fashion is expressed in his preface to his “Nuove musiche”, an anthology of his works published in 1602. Here the composer seemed genuinely interested in the performance of his works and meticulously notated the ornaments, laying down their quantity and nature very precisely as a means of supporting the expression of the text. In comparison to the familiar manuscript versions with added ornaments, the monodies published by Caccini are embellished only sparingly and with great discretion, searching for a poetic and musical expression that should come as close as possible to the style of singing with lyre accompaniment as it was practiced and described by the Ancients. "Dolcissimo sospiro" presents a fine selection of strophic arias and madrigals from Caccini’s “Nuove Musiche”.

Singer of those “sweetest sigh”, Roberta Invernizzi, is one of the most sought-after sopranos in the field of Early Music. She has sung in many of the most important theatres in Europe and the United States, as well as at famous festivals, working with conductors like Ton Koopman, Gustav Leonhardt, Andrew Parrot, Jordi Savall and Fabio Biondi. She regularly collaborates with ensembles like Il Giardino Armonico, Europa Galante and I Sonatori della Gioiosa Marca. Her opera performances include principal roles in a broad variety of baroque operas. She has made over 60 recordings, many of which have been recognized by the musical press with awards like Choc de l'année, Diapason D'Or and Choc Musique.

The Accademia Strumentale Italiana, an ensemble specialised on Early Music, has performed extensively in Italy, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and Germany and has been invited to several international festivals. It’s members have worked with some of the most important ensembles in Europe such as the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra, Hesperion XX, Il Giardino Armonico, La Reverie and I Sonatori de la Gioiosa Marca. Since 1991 Alberto Rasi has been the group's musical director. The ensemble is currently composed of consort of violas and lutes, who are joined by guest artists in larger projects.



Antonio Vivaldi - Le humane passioni - Carmignola e Sonatori de la Gioiosa Marca (CDX-79406)

1 CD


Claudio Merulo - Musica per organi Vol.1 (LSC-2125)

2 SACD 2+2+2


In May 2004 was the 400th anniversary of the death of Claudio Merulo (1533-1604), a great organist and composer of the Renaissance times. We are pleased to present the world premiere recording of the complete organ works of Merulo. These works represent the complete range of musical development of compositions for keyboard instruments in the 16th century. Since their quality had no equal at that time, Merulo’s opus is of immense importance for the history of music. Tapping the full potential of the then usual forms of expression and structure, Claudio Merulo – a contemporary of Gabrieli and his colleague as ”maestro di cappella” at the Marcus Cathedral in Venice – was an important pathfinder in a highly creative era. And he opened up a new one: the Baroque period. On the Divox recording, Stefano Molardi plays on a organ built in 1533 (Merulo’s year of birth), located at the church of S.S. Corpo di Cristo in Valvasone (province of Pordenone, Friaul), that is not only in good condition but also under a mouments protection order issued by the Ministry of Culture and the patronage of the Italian president. It is one of the three oldest and best-preserved instruments still extant in Europe. This organ had met the Venetian taste in music and aesthetics of the Renaissance offering bright and shimmering as well as deep and warm timbres.

Stefano Molardi, prize winner of important national and international organ competitions, is a promising young interpreter. He has intensively studied Ancient Music both as an interpreter and a musicologist and was awarded several prizes for his recordings.

The recording technique used the cutting-edge Aurophony 2+2+2® multi-channel standard, which allows three-dimensional listening. Detailed information: http://www.2plus2plus2.info as well as the by now wide-spread high resolution of 24 bit-96 kHz technology.


Catalog No DIVOX ANTIQUA Internat. Award / magazine / country / issue
Bold = awarded in 2000 or later
CDX 79403 Alessandro Scarlatti: Works for Organ and * «CD of the Month» / Alte Musik aktuell / Germany
harpsichord / Andrea Marcon
CDX 79404 A. Vivaldi: The Four Seasons * «One of the ten greatest recordings of the century»
Sonatori de la Gioiosa Marca, IN TUNE J & USA 12-94
Giuliano Carmignola, solo violin * One of the 2 best «4 seasons" Le Figaro, Jan 02, 2003
* Fonoforum / Germany "Black star = outstanding"
* CD-Compact (Spain)
* Diapason (France)
* «One of the 50 Top-CD of the century» SCALA 100 (D)
* «Eccezionale» / Musica / Italy
CDX 79405 The heritage of Frescobaldi“ Vol.1 * Preis der deutschen Schalplattenkritik / 3-96
Nacchini Organ 1750 (Historical organs Vol. 1) * Diapason d‘Or / F
Andrea Marcon, organ * Best Production 1996 / Italian Instrumental repertory
Premio "Vivaldi" Foundation G.Cini Venice / Italy
CDX 79406 A. Vivaldi: "Le Humane Passioni“ * Diapason d‘Or de l‘année 1996-97
6 Violin Concerti * Musica «Eccezionale» / Italy
Sonatori de la Gioiosa Marca * 10 de Répertoire / France
Giuliano Carmignola, solo violin * "Choc du Mois" Le Monde de la musique / France
* «CD of the Month» Alte Musik aktuell / Germany
CDX 79504 Legrenzi G.: Oratorio «La morte del cor penitente» * «CD of the Month» / Alte Musik aktuell / Germany
Soloists & Sonatori de la Gioiosa Marca
CDX-79603 Balli, Capricci & Stravaganze * Best Production 1997 / Italian Instrumental repertory
Sonatori de la Gioiosa Marca Premio "Vivaldi" Foundation G.Cini Venice / Italy

CDX 79605 A. Vivaldi: «Concerti per le Solennità» * 10 de Répertoire (Répertoire; France)
6 Violin Concerti * Diapason d‘Or 3-96 / Diapason / France
Giuliano Carmignola * Menzione Fondazione CINI, Venise 1997
Sonatori de la Gioiosa Marca * Best production 1998 Chamb.Music / Klasyka / Poland
CDX 79607: Domenico Scarlatti: Orgelsonaten / Andrea Marcon * Preis der deutschen Schalplattenkritik / 2-96
* 5 Diapason / 6-96
CDX-79610: «Cantio Triplex» * 10 de Répértoire / 1-99
Recorder-Ensemble Diferencias
CDX 79703: L‘Arte organistica Veneta del 700 / Andrea Marcon * Preis der deutschen Schalplattenkritik / 1-99
CDX-79707: String Music in the Republic of Venice 1615-1630 * 10 de Répértoire / 2-99 / France
Sonatori de la Gioiosa Marca * 5 Diapason / 3-99 / France
* 5 in Goldberg No 8 / Spain 2000
CDX 79805: The heritage of Frescobaldi / Vol. 2 * Preis der deutschen Schalplattenkritik / 3-00
Andrea Marcon * Supersonic Award 'Pizzicato classics' Luxemb. / 4-05
CDX-79811: Steffani Agostino "Suites Théatrales“ * 10 de Répértoire / 01-2001
Sonatori de la Gioiosa Marca * 5 Diapason / 03-2001
* 5 in Goldberg No 13 / Spain
CDX-79907: "Canzon del Principe" (Rossi MS) * Choc Monde de la Musique (11/2001)
Tubb, Marcon, Pandolfo, Earle his viols * «Recommandé» par Classica (12/2001)
* «Recommandé» Répértoire (01/2002)
CDX-70005: Masters of the Italian Renaissance / A.Marcon * Preis der deutschen Schalplattenkritik / 2-2004
CDX-70202-6 Caccini: Dolcissimo sospiro (Madrigali) * Midem Classical Award 1/2007
Invernizzi, Accademia strument. Italiana (Best "Early music" production in 2006)

CDX-70501-6 Vivaldi: Sinfonie d'Opera / I Virtuosi delle Muse * 5 stars in Goldberg / 8-2006
CDX-59803: "Concerto Stravagante“ (Works by Vivaldi & * 10 de Répértoire
C.Farina ) Sonatori de la Gioiosa Marca * 5 stars in Goldberg No. 9
* Diapason d‘Or / 12-00
* Recommandé par Classica 2/01
DIVOX "Excellence"
CDX 28902: String Quartets by K. Szymanovsky & M. Ravel * Preis der deutschen Schalplattenkritik 1991 / Germany
CDX 28903: Joseph Haydn: String Quartets op, 77, 1+2 * "Choc du Mois" Le Monde de la musique / France
Amati Quartet
CDX 29002: F. Martin / W. Vogel / H. Haller / * Fonoforum / Germany "Black star = outstanding"
R. Kelterborn: String Quartets / Amati
CDX-29205 Farrenc, Jeanne-Louise: Nonett / Consortium Class. * 5 Diapason / 07-97
CDX 29303: René Leibowitz: Chamber Music/ ensemble aisthesis * Fonoforum / Germany "Black star = outstanding"
CDX 29701: La Guitarra de Torres / Tarrega & Llobet * Klassik-Heute "Empfehlung 12/98"
Stefano Grondona, guitar * Musica "Eccezzionale“ 2/00 (Musica / Italy)
* "Chitarra d‘Oro‘ 10/00 (Guitar association, Italy)
CDX-29801 Jarnach Philippe: Chamber Music * Fonoforum / Germany 5-00 (black star= Outstanding)
M.Bruns baritone, K.Lessing piano+violin, Keller flute * Recommandé (Répértoire 1/01)
CDX-29806 Jenner G.U.: The Violinsonatas Schmidt vl.; Sasaki, pian*o Recommandé (Répértoire 11/01)
CDX 29810 Joseph Haydn: String Quartets op, 50, 1-3 * "Choc du Mois" 4-01 / Monde de la musique / France
Amati Quartet * Musica "Eccezzionale" 6/01

CDX-25204-2: Chopin/Grieg/Franck: Cello Sonatas * Fonoforum / Germany "Black star = outstanding"
E. Nyffenegger, Cello / G. Wyss, Piano
CDX-25227-2: Barock-Fantasies for Oboe and Organ * «CD of the Month» 2-00 / Alte Musik aktuell / Germany
O. Zoboli / D. Fasolis
CDX-25252/53-2 Sviatoslav Richter Plays Prokofiev * 2 x Diapason D‘Or historique / Diapason / France
(991.001 & 002) Live in Japan, vol. 1 + Live in Japan, vol. 2 * 2 x Musica «Eccezionale» / Musica / Italy
999.001 Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli: * Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik 1/96
The Vatican Recordings (4 CD‘s) * Musica Eccezionale / Musica / Italy
* "Choc du Mois" Le Monde de la musique / France
* Cannes Classical Award 1996 / France
999.106 Complete Harmonisations / Coro SAT * Musica Eccezionale / I 12/98
Italian Folksongs arranged by ABM * Amadeus / Italy : one of the 5 best productions 1998
Category 20th Century“
33 Releases DIVOX ANTIQUA: for 17 releases 44 particular press-reactions/mentions
DIVOX EXCELLENCE: for 10 releases 15 particular press-reactions for DIVOX "Excellence'
DIVOX RAINBOW: for 3 releases 5 particular press-reactions / mentions
MEMORIA ABM: for 2 releases 6 particular press-reactions / mentions
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