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We think that no word can describe a sound, an emotion.

If you will come to Italy, please contact us for an appointment! Send us an email before coming to Italy.

The System

We invite everyone interested in listening to our products to contact AudioNautes (in Forlì). Please come and listen to your favourite music with an AudioNautes system! By appointment only.

The show room is located in Forlì, near Bologna. You can listen to our LPs and CDs.

This is the System:

  • Turntable: Micro Seiki BL-51 with AudioNautes super HDG base, AudioNautes MAT in HDG and AudioNautes 620gr clamp in HDG
  • Turntable: Micro Seiki RX-3000 with AudioNautes MAT in HDG and AudioNautes 620gr clamp in HDG
  • Arms: Ikeda with Audio Tekne shell, Ortofon AS-212
  • MC cartridges: Audio Tekne MC-6310, Ortofon MC-20 with Gyger II stylus, Fidelity Research FR-7, Denon DL-103R and Denon DL-102
  • MC step-up transformer: AudioNautes Arcadia Steup
  • CD transport: CEC TL-51X with ASE clock + special AudioNautes mods
  • D/A Converter: AudioNemesis DC-1 VLE
  • Preamplifier: AudioNemesis LT-1 mk2
  • Power amp: AudioNemesis PA-1m
  • Speakers: AudioNautes Monitor + AudioNautes Arcadia Horn
  • Cables: Bluesilver custom design
  • Accessories: AudioNautes HDG
  • Stands and tables: AudioNautes, Music Tools


International dealers and show rooms are welcome.


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