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Arcadia Step-Up is a passive transformer pre-preamplifier for MC cartridges, created for audiophiles seeking for max performance. We offer it for different needs and requirements, anyway for top-notch performance.

It's the result of 20 years of research on sound and materials and it proposes for the first time a machined solid HDG (High Density Graphite) housing to better damp vibrations.

The transformers are very expensive supermalloy EI cores. Forget amorphous and toroidal cores. Moreover, no internal resistors have been used, the sound signal only flows through one transformer per channel.

The transformers are capsuled separately in Mumetal for top quality shielding.

This is a true Cost-no-Object implementation of a top Supermalloy core transformer.

Arcadia Step-up offers unrivalled performance!


Some features :

  • 100% passive
  • no resistor inside
  • no capacitor inside
  • Supermalloy transformers
  • mu-metal transformer shielding
  • machined solid HDG housing (+ wood on demand only)
  • carbon fiber rear panel
  • gold plated and teflon insulated RCA connectors
  • input and output RCA (no XLR)
  • designed and handmade in Italy
  • wood or lacquer colour on demand


These transformers make use of a special Supermalloy core with Mumetal screen and copper wire. Moreover, the transformer are encapsulated inside a Mumetal pipe and then encapsulated in a special HDG chassis for the best performance. The transformers are potted then encapsulated into the CNC precision machined HDG chassis.


Side panels are on demand and are made of wood (if required), and the rear panel is made by carbon fiber. RCA connectros are gold plated and teflon insulated. HDG and carbon fiber assure another effective screen for max S/N ratio.


Input 1 MC (RCA) per channel
Output unbalanced (RCA)
Nominal Input Impedance 10 ohm
Nominal Load Impedance 47 kohm
Gain 40 times (32dB)
Frequency response 10Hz-25KHz
Weight 3kg
Size (WxHxD) 210x110x175mm


Input 2 MC (RCA) per channel
Output unbalanced (RCA)
Nominal Input Impedance 25 ohm or 100 ohm with switch
Nominal Load Impedance 47 kohm
Gain 10 (20dB) or 20 times (26dB) with switch
Frequency response 10Hz-30KHz
Weight 3kg
Size (WxHxD) 210x110x175mm


Designed and concept by: Fabio Camorani

Shape: Giovanni Nogler


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